Through movement we perceive balance, structure, rhythm, development and even time. The forces and principles of movement in the world are inherent within the human organism. They permeate our bodies. It is through exploring the essence of movement itself that we discover its healing properties. Through eurythmy we are guided to transform our habits, our attitudes and our bodies. Eurythmy is a therapy where the participants take an active, conscious step in transforming their condition.

Initiated in the early Twentieth Century by Rudolf Steiner, eurythmy is concerned with the development and expression of the whole human being, and through movement, language and music aims to restore inner balance through the creative use of rhythm, harmony and proportion. In eurythmy the creative forces of the imagination are reawakened in order to explore the dynamics of thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Eurythmy forms part of the activities at Pericles both as group work and as individual therapy. It is an activity which provides a supportive therapeutic basis through which the individual can consciously develop, both personally and as part of a group.
This activity has something to offer to everyone, its emphasis being on what is created between people, rather than on individual virtuosity; and in consequence, helps the individual to develop a sense of self within a group environment.

In individual therapeutic work the therapist will create a specifically developed personalized programme of exercises in concentration, in rhythms, and working with particular elements of music. The challenge lies in restoring inner balance by tackling root causes rather than just symptoms.