Arc Hall

Arc Hall is a beautiful space to gather and create. We hold workshops here, and you can hire the rooms.

Designed by innovative local designer, Nicolas Pople, and completed in 2000, Arc Hall is an ecological building in Hoathly.


Arc Hall in Hoathly Hill


Arc Hall main space

The hall is available for use by up to 50 people for:

  • Local community groups & meetings
  • Local residents for private functions e.g. wedding receptions, children’s parties.
  • For other uses please contact Pericles.

There are two main spaces, the Main Hall and the Conference Room. It also has a fully equipped kitchen and accessible toilets.

Arc Hall Kitchen Facilities


Arc Hall, Hoathly Hill, West Hoathly Rd, Sharpthorne, East Grinstead RH19 4SJ

01342 810133

Book now:

Please read the terms and conditions. Once you have selected the hours you want, you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay using a Paypal account.


Email or call 01342 810133 for further information

For out-of-office hours or difficulties, ring or text Gini Mags in the community – 07957 454842

Arc Hall – Conditions of Let

1/ Subject to the approval of Pericles, the licensee, the hall is available for use by:

  • Local user groups
  • Local residents for private functions e.g. wedding receptions, children’s parties.
  • Other interested parties at the discretion of Pericles.

Please note the following:

  • There is space for loading and unloading but guest parking is strictly in Finches Field, two minutes walk away. Check Google map: Finches Field car park, 2 Church Hill, RH194PN 
  • There will be a checklist located in the kitchenette to complete on leaving the building which must be followed

2/ The following conditions shall apply:

i. In the absence of the licence holder (Pericles), a responsible person (not under 21 years of age) who hires the hall shall be present and in charge during the whole period of time the public are in the hall. He or she will be responsible to ensure that all members of the public have vacated the hall before locking up; to check that heating thermostats have not been tampered with, and all lighting is switched off.

ii. All parties using the Hall do so at their own risk. Pericles will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained by hirers. Pericles also accepts no responsibility for food made and served or food brought to the hall and consumed in the hall. Food Hygiene Guidelines are displayed in the kitchen for the benefit of all hall users. Please read these and draw them to the attention of those using the kitchen and ensure they are adhered to.

iii. In the case of fire, the person in charge will be responsible for checking the hall building, that all persons have evacuated the hall, unless his or her life would be put in danger by doing so. Please ensure all fire doors are kept clear at all times. Pericles wishes to raise awareness of fire hazards, and informs parents or persons in loco parentis to ensure that children are adequately supervised at all times.  A contact phone number is prominent in the kitchenette area in the event of an emergency.

iv. Times of entry and departure to be agreed at time of booking and any additional time will incur additional costs. You will be expected to be ready to depart promptly so that any following allocation can commence on time. If you are booking the hall for the whole day you will have flexibility to set up and clear up before and after the booking hours. If in doubt, please contact us.

v. Regular user groups are expected to do their own housekeeping, leaving the hall in readiness for next user. There is a check list on arrival and departure to be completed.

Please note, when leaving the hall after 11pm, to keep noise to a minimum to avoid creating a nuisance to local residents.

vi. The individual or user group using the hall will be held responsible for any damage to the hall, its furnishings, fittings, accessories or the surrounds. Any damage must be reported and made good at the expense of the individual or user group to the full satisfaction of Pericles.

vii The sale of alcohol is by discretion of Pericles and will only be allowed when a licence has been obtained in advance from the Licensing Authority. The licence and list of prices must be displayed at the bar and the users must fulfil all legal requirements for the licence.

viii. In line with no smoking legislation the Hall Committee has a no smoking policy throughout the hall buildings.

ix. Pericles has adopted Child Protection Policy Guidelines. Users groups involving children are requested to read and adhere to these guidelines. (available in the hall kitchenette area, and with the other online booking documents). It is the responsibility of hirers to adhere to Disclosure requirements regarding working with children and vulnerable adults, where applicable.

x. The maximum number of people allowed in the hall at any one time is 50

xi. Hire fees/balance are to be paid on booking. Full payment is due for cancellations withing 24 hours of the booking allocation. A non-returnable deposit of 50% of the current Hire Charge will be deducted if cancellation takes place within 48 hours of the booking allocation or for weekend and full day bookings. An administration fee of 25% of the booking fee will be charged on all cancelled bookings.  All refunds to be applied for by email at: Regular block bookings can be arranged by agreement and invoiced on a three monthly basis.

xii. Hirers will be responsible for laying out tables and chairs immediately prior to the let and clearing away immediately after as arranged with the caretaker. Care must be taken not to drag furniture on the Hall floor. Crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils to be supplied by the hirers. No decorations or other items to be attached to the walls of the Hall.

xiii. Hirers are responsible for security. They will ensure that all parts of the Hall they have used are left clean and in a tidy condition immediately after the event. At the end of the function all windows and doors are to be locked shut, all electrical appliances and lights (including external) to be switched off. Arrangements for entrance and exit to be made with the caretaker.

xiv. Where activities are not run by Pericles, those hiring the hall are expected to arrange their own public liability insurance.