"Pericles is for me a very special place where everybody is always welcome"

Without our team of dedicated volunteers, we would find it difficult to achieve our innovative goals. Would you like to volunteer for Pericles? If so, we would love to hear from you.


Pericles volunteers in West Sussex


Here are some of the lovely things out volunteers have had to say about us.


“Joyful, deep, influential – That’s how my time at Pericles was. Although it is impossible to give a shortened description of Pericles. Why is it that way? I have experienced Pericles as a powerful mixture of extraordinary people who cannot be put in a nutshell. In my opinion the core of Pericles is represented by everybody living and working there.Because of my experiences at Pericles I decided to study social work and I will finish my Master next year.”

Svenja Joos, volunteer 2013/14


“Spending a year as a volunteer at Pericles was a great experience for me, but visiting the project again 13 years later with my family was even a much greater joy. During my time I was part of setting up the woodland projects at two local farms through which I gained a lot of outdoor skills and developed green woodwork as a hobby, which I still enjoy today. I gained much from exchange with the people working in other areas at those farms. 

Tobias Winkleman, volunteer 2002/2003


Among our Partners, we work with Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners who place volunteers with Pericles.

Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners