We are all about people. Clients, volunteers, partners and staff.

Pericles is all about integration and community: bringing people together.

Connecting for Everyone.

With our houses at Sharpthorne and Hoathly Hill, to our cafe, woodlands, workshops and outreach projects, Pericles is at the heart of the local environment. We work closely with social workers, families, volunteers and local businesses to help create a sense of togetherness in the community.


We have outreach projects at two local farms, Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch, where our clients learn interesting and meaningful land-based skills in return for work carried out there. Our woodlands and workshops provide employment for local woodcraft and forestry experts, which supports and encourages the continuation of rural skills and knowledge. Our theatre company is a partner with Atelier Theatre, and shows are regularly produced around West Sussex for everyone to enjoy.


All of our activities are community oriented.
 We support the local community through the provision of useful services and the community supports us back by creating meaningful roles for our clients to enjoy.


The people who are directly involved in our work are the:

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