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Join our team, Pericles is recruiting!

We are currently looking to find wonderful people for the following roles:


Housing Administrator

Cafe Manager

Housing Coordinator



“Joyful, deep, influential – That’s how my time at Pericles was. Although it is impossible to give a shortened description of Pericles. Why is it that way? I have experienced Pericles as a powerful mixture of extraordinary people who cannot be put in a nutshell. In my opinion the core of Pericles is represented by everybody living and working there.

Even on my first day, when I was picked up at the airport, I was being treated which such warmth and respect.  People at Pericles believed in me before I did, and it turns out they were right. Seeing the best in everyone makes people grow in Pericles and achieve way more than what was possible on a rational level.

My time at the Workshop and in the House was filled with joyful moments, inspiring conversations and friendship. Daily challenges at Pericles are handled gently through an appreciative and supportive attitude, based in real relationships.

Because of my experiences at Pericles I decided to study social work and I will finish my Master next year.”

Svenja Joos