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If you are interested in becoming part of Pericles as a client please contact us about referrals.

Here is more information about the referral process:

We will start by giving you clear information about what kinds of accommodation and/or care and support we provide, and who can make use of this. This will be included in our Statement of Purpose and our Service Guide. We will give this and other useful information, including the cost of the service to you and/or your family, supporter or representative.


The information will be written in plain English or another language or format that you can easily understand, or we may use a DVD, CD or some other way of communicating if you prefer.


We will make arrangements for you to visit our service so that you can see what it is like, meet some of the people involved and ask questions about it.  We can get to know more about you too. We can also arrange to visit you and your family if you wish, either at home or another place.


If you would like to go ahead with your referral, we will ask you or your representative or care manager or supporter to fill in a referral form, and to include information about your needs and wishes.


To continue with your referral we will ask for:

  • written information about your needs.  This could be a self-assessment if your local authority has agreed a process for this. If you do not already have an assessment of your needs, we will discuss this with you and/or your representative and decide with how this information can be provided.
  • If we need any specialist information, such as nursing or occupational health, we will ask your permission and work with you and/or your representative to make arrangements for this to be provided.


We will use all this information to decide whether or not we are able to meet your needs.  If we do not provide the kind of accommodation or care or support you are looking for or you do not fit the criteria for our service or we are not able to meet your assessed needs, we will tell you and/or the person who referred you as soon as possible. We will also tell you the reason we are not able to offer you a service in writing.