Woodcraft Skills

Woodland skills at the farms, and woodcraft at the recycling centre. Making beautiful things for people to enjoy.

Sawing, sanding, building, shaping. Creating with wood is satisfying and there is plenty of work to be done.

We have created an ongoing programme of activities based on woodland management, and to train clients in related skills, with the help of visiting experts in the field. These activities include coppicing, charcoal burning and woodland crafts.  We also teach the importance of natural heritage and local history and traditions.


Managing the woodland helps us to supply logs and charcoal to local customers as well as coppice and other wood products for use in our workshops.


We are keen to maintain ecologically sustainable activities and resources such as rural craft skills and products, tool recycling, environmentally aware work and storage structures using on site materials, including charcoal fired black smithing.

You might get involved in:

  • Furniture restoration
  • Wood carving
  • Tool maintenance

Our creations for sale! 

If you would like to buy some of our unique creations, look out for them at the Sharpthorne Organic Cafe and at Plawhatch Farm.