Relax and express yourself with arts and therapies

Do you feel sad? Anxious? Tired or confused? We offer a choice of therapies which may help you to feel happier again. Painting, dancing, talking, sculpting with your hands – which of these activities do you think would help you the most?

Therapeutic Arts and Education

At Pericles our resident population includes people who are here mainly through problems with mental and emotional health rather than a physical disability, and we aim to provide both the security and the opportunity required to move towards good health and a fuller life.


Our residents visit local G.P.s and other health professionals on a regular basis. In addition, they have annual appointments with an anthroposophical doctor to supervise complementary medicine and/or therapies, which are provided by qualified therapists.



A therapy programme might include:

  • eurythmy
  • counselling
  • art therapy
  • rhythmic massage
  • drama therapy
  • speech therapy


These are provided singly or in combination where appropriate. Together with the therapeutic effect of participation in our community life they can substantially improve the well-being and functional abilities of residents.


We work with therapeutic and educational exercises to develop an awareness and understanding of the seven colours within the rainbow spectrum, learning to distinguish the different qualities that each colour, tone and shade conveys.


We learn to create the secondary colours (purple, orange and green) by mixing the primary colours (blue, red and yellow) together, and the tertiary colours by mixing the secondary colours together.

lovely sunset painting using pastels

We explore contrast between light and dark, colour harmony and colour composition in exercises inspired by ‘nature changes’ through the seasons.

Dynamic Drawing

We work with therapeutic and educational drawing exercises that stimulate concentration, coordination and integration, while strengthening a sense of symmetry, order and structure.


We work with therapeutic and educational exercises with clay that encourage a sense of centeredness, spatial awareness, 3-dimentionality and form.