Soft Crafts

"The process has a soothing effect and can engender warmth and a peaceful working atmosphere"

Felt-making, sewing, weaving, working with paper. Working with our hands can have a positive effect on us, helping us to feel calmer and more relaxed. It is also a great way to be creative and to make wonderful things in the company of other people.

Activities include:

  • Felt-making
  • Handwork (Sewing, knitting, weaving)
  • Paper crafts (card making, paper mache etc)
  • Prop and costume making


Sharp Thorne Organic Cafe Hoathly.


In our workshop, students work closely with the workshop master to create a wide range of quality handmade products. Students are encouraged to participate in all stages of the different activities and they will do this according to their ability and needs. Each person expresses their own creativity through a wide choice of processes and activities, e.g. colour, fabric etc. As each craft activity requires concentration and patience, we try to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere for everyone to work in.


In the workshops, students have the chance to explore different materials and learn craft-specific techniques and skills. They also have the chance to work with different colours, smells and textures. It’s a unique and creative opportunity for them to become familiar with a wide variety of experiences and activities.


Pericles client making felt in the workshop


Felt Making as an example of our craft work

This workshop offers students the opportunity to experience a craft activity which is fairly easy to learn. It involves creating textile articles—a process which starts with raw fleece and/or naturally and commercially coloured wool. The students are encouraged to participate in all stages of the process, but will do so according to their ability and needs. There are many possibilities in this craft for expressing individual creativity, for example, by choosing a shape or item or by creating colourful patterns or pictures.


The process of making felt has a soothing effect and, whilst it is an activity which is stimulating to the senses, it can also create a peaceful working atmosphere. This activity lends itself readily to group work and the development of social skills.

Our creations for sale locally!

If you would like to buy some of our beautiful creations, please look out for them at the Sharpthorne Organic Cafe and at Plawhatch Farm


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