Founded on a vision to connect everyone

Pericles was formed in 1997 to provide an innovative approach to supporting adults with learning difficulties and those with mental health issues integrate into the local community.


For over twenty years now we have been promoting meaningful vocational engagement and social belonging through our many projects and activities.  We support our clients and residents to develop their potential and we encourage them to play a full and active role in their communities and in wider society.

Pericles Theatre Company was formed two years later in 1999, and we work closely with them on their many wonderful creative projects and workshops.


“Soon after getting started, it became clear how challenging it could be for a person with complex needs to integrate into the community and how rare it was for them to experience true inclusion. We found, however, that many adults were not only capable of community involvement, they were also able to initiate it; they wanted to learn new skills, do meaningful work and find friends.


They became interested in their surroundings. They had needs that prompted the development of new skills while requiring a collaborative environment that encouraged all concerned to learn together. To create an appropriate environment, we needed carers to stop judging, open up, to listen and understand, be tolerant and overcome prejudices. Development had to be viable but, first and foremost, truly needs-based.”

Co-founder Paula-Maria Blaxland-de Lange